📔 Story Part #1

In 2021, our world came closer to an unknown parallel universe.

Astronomers, scientists who study the universe, were able to notice this new universe thanks to the beam of colourful lights reflecting on its surface. It was so shiny at first, that Astronomers could not see through the surface with their usual telescopes. They tried many different filters, different lenses but nothing helped.

Can you imagine how frustrated they must have felt? this is a once in a life time experience to study such a phenomenon!

While still figuring out how they could finally see through the surface, they named this new universe “Beamies World“.

One day, one of the scientists sneaked his baby in the observatory. It is a restricted access area and it was not allowed! The baby had a little cold and the Astronomer could not find someone to watch his baby while he was at work.

While hiding his baby in a sling, the Astronomer was trying new filters for his telescope lens. He was really eager to find a solution to penetrate the surface of Beamies World and finally see, what was on the other side.

The little one started to sneeze repeatedly as he had trouble breezing with his nose stuffed. The Astronomer did not react fast enough and by the time he was able to grab a tissue to blow his baby’s nose, the baby’s snot was all over the place.

What a mess! It was covering all the new filters… The Astronomer had to clean them up one by one. Yuck!

Once everything was clean and in order, the baby went back to sleep and the Astronomer when back to his work. After few more tries, still nothing… He reached across the table to grab the old filters. He wanted to combine the new filters with the old ones.

Eureka! It worked! The Astronomer could finally see behind the surface of Beamies World. When he looked down at the filter to log in the references, he realized that he only put one of the old filters.

What a surprise! How come was this old filter working? Maybe one of his co-worker did not log in the right information?

The Astronomer consciously wrote the reference number in the log book, together with his first observations of Beamies World. That being done, he runs to the other scientists working on the Beamies World researches to share the news!

What and exciting news!  All scientists came to have a look and they decided to celebrate this exceptional milestone by ordering a cake and sharing a bottle of bubbly! All scientists working on the project went home early that day, as they knew the next day will be the start of extremely busy weeks.

In fact, the scientists had no idea how long Beamies World will be visible in our universe!